Adam Sandler “Mistakes” People’s Choice Icon Award For Sexiest Man Alive, Making For The Greatest Acceptance Speech

Adam Sandler
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Did we witness one of the greatest misunderstandings in history?

Last night, the People’s Choice Awards were held (didn’t know? that’s fine…) While the show typically isn’t even wroth watching (this year being better than most with Lainey Wilson taking the stage), we can all collectively agree that Adam Sandler is a gem in Hollywood across all fanbases.

From his iconic streetwear to his laundry list of movie and television roles, he knows his brand and knows what works for him.

Last night, Adam Sandler was the recipient of the People’s Choice Icon Award, and since awards like this one come with some more weight, winners are often notified before the show so they can prepare a longer acceptance speech. Sandler got up on stage and informed the crowd that when his agent notified him of the win, he was in the car and misheard him.

Now, whether that is fact or fiction, it led to one of the best acceptance speeches I’ve ever heard. I am sure readers are curious about what misunderstanding could lead to such greatness, and that is because Sandler said he heard from the phone that he had just won Sexiest Man Alive.

“I was driving; I had him on speaker phone, and I was also eating frosted flakes. I didn’t hear…I think I misheard him…So anyway, I wrote a speech for that, and I don’t have one prepared for the Icon thing. So, I’m going to do the speech that I wrote.”

Buckle up, folks, because, in true Sandler fashion, this speech will leave you with a side stitch.

“To the ‘People Magazine’s’ academy members of hotness and sexual attractiveness, I would like to say thank you for recognizing me as the man who made our entire country the horniest this year. And was by far the most talked about person in the bedroom by couples or throuples during fantasy, role play, and sloppy time. Can I get another hell yeah?”

He keeps going delivering each line with a deep growl (maybe to add to the sexiness factor), noting that it’s “about freaking time” that he won this award. Or the one he wished he had won.

“For decades, Adam Sandler has been waiting patiently on the sexy bench with his legs wide open. Radiating sexuality, finger-licking desirability, and a slight hint of man bluge tastefully displayed for his/her’s/or they’s pleasure.”

At this point, he is giggling, trying to make it through, noting aspects of his physique that make him the perfect candidate for winning Sexiest Man Alive and how the award will sit on the nightstand next to his bed from here on out.

Sandler wraps up the hilarious speech with some charity work… advising the ugly folk. While the crowd is constantly laughing, Sandler does switch on a serious side to thank those who helped him throughout his career and gives special thanks to his wife and kids.

During the end of the speech, it seems as though it was all a bit…but a bit that is so on brand for Sandler (a bit that also proves how meaningless this award is). But more folks should start “mishearing” their award-winnings… it would make for way better content throughout the entire show.

Check it out.

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