“Give Us A Heads Up Next Time” – John Rich Calls Out Brad Paisley For Backing Up Nashville Traffic With Biden Fundraiser

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Someone complaining about Nashville traffic? That’s not exactly original.

But it is warranted, as Nashville. Tennessee was recently voted the worst commuting city in the country. I guess “Gridlock City” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Music City.”

The unbearable traffic recently got the attention of John Rich, who chose to call out his country music artist “friend” Brad Paisley for playing a part in Nashville’s difficult commute.

Paisley and his wife Kim hosted a fundraiser event at his home this past weekend for President Joe Biden, and First Lady Jill Biden was actually in attendance. It was her presence that made the already terrible traffic in Nashville that much worse. That’s normal anytime a President or First Lady travels anywhere with the Secret Service, and because the President’s security personnel would rather keep locations and routes secretive, there aren’t exactly travel warnings ahead of time.

And Brad Paisley has become pretty close friends with the Biden’s. First Lady Jill Biden once accompanied Paisley at a vaccine site in Nashville back in 2021, and the country star also took time last year to play a set at a National Governors Association event that was held at the White House.

On the other hand, John Rich isn’t exactly pro-Joe Biden. The one half of Big and Rich played at Donald Trump’s inauguration, and has even released a couple of songs that are anti-mask and anti-vaccine. Though the post that Rich sent out on X (formerly Twitter) seemed somewhat playful, I don’t think its gone over like that considering Brad Paisley has yet to respond to it (and I’m sure he won’t).

The message read:

“This visit shut down the interstate in Nashville, but I heard Jill raised a ton of money for Brad Paisley’s house. Hey Brad, give us a heads up next time bro. That traffic was brutal.”

As you can see, nothing nefarious coming from John Rich in that message, though it did get a number of social media followers fired up on the replies:

Probably won’t have to, Cory… it’s not like they play Brad Paisley on the radio anymore.

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