Colter Wall Delivers Stunning Unplugged Performance Of “Prairie Evening/Sagebrush Waltz”

Colter Wall country music
Dusty Vaquero

Colter Wall is an out-of-this-world talent.

During this unplugged performance, Colter Wall burned up a desolate prairie with his buttery smooth vocals and an acoustic guitar. The cowpoke turned country music sensation took to the Nevada brush to deliver a stellar performance of the first track of his newest album, Little Songs

“It’s the first song off the new record. It’s called… um, what the hell is it called.”

He says, chuckling to himself as he tries to recall the name of the track he is gearing up to sing. It soon comes to him, and he introduces the song “Prairie Evening/Sagebrush Waltz.”

Viewers at this point might be concerned that Wall might forget a word or two since it takes him a second to recall the name, but have no fear… he’s dead on.

I think we can all cut Colter Wall some slack. When he is not on the ranch in the rural hills of Saskatchewan, or ranching down in Texas, he is in the studio, writing and fitting in some shows where he can. He’s got a packed schedule sharing his Western waltz music with the world.

Colter Wall softly strums his guitar as his baritone vocals coat listeners’ ears. The performance is calming, hypnotizing, and stunning all at once.

“There was music, drinkin’ and dancin’
I had my fill, if I’m being true
Smack dab, center fire
Stood my own heart’s desire
She was shaming the glow of the moon…”

Colter Wall knows that folks listen to him for his vocals and lyrics, and this performance purely captures why fans often sit at his shows intently looking at the stage, taking in his talent.

This man does not miss. Check it out.

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