“WHAT THE F**K?” – Dash Cam Footage Captures Truck Crashing Through Gas Station Pump In New Mexico

Truck smashes into gas station pump
Tyler Turner

There are moments in life that take your breath away, and then there are moments in life that make you scream “WHAT THE F**K?”

This wild video out of New Mexico could fall underneath both categories, and thanks to the dash cam footage that captured a runaway truck taking down a gas station, we know for sure that it garnered a “WTF” from the man who witnessed it all.

And I’d venture to say that Tyler Turner, the man behind the wheel of the vehicle equipped with the dash camera, was a little too close for comfort when everything happened.

He was pulling into a Speedway gas station (and it sounds like he was on the phone) when a truck came flying down the road and right through the gas pumps mere feet in front of where his car was stopped.

Turner reacts just as anyone else would as he watched a scene straight out of an action movie play out right in front of him:

“Oh my f**king gosh. What the f**k? What the f**k? Oh my f**king gosh. Oh, sh*t.”

The out of control pummeled through the gas pumps, even bringing down the canopy above the gas pumping area, before it finally came to a stop after it ran into a fence near the back of the gas station.

Turner slowly backed away from the scene and pulled into a nearby parking lot (far enough away from what happened) so he could get out and see if he could be of some assistance to the driver of the out-of-control truck.

You can watch how it all unfolded below:

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Fortunately, and in somewhat of a miracle, the driver of the truck was not seriously injured. The San Juan Country Sheriff’s Office confirmed that no one that was there was hurt, and after investigating, believed that the driver may have had a seizure.

According to reports, the driver was not able to recall the event, which left their vehicle crashed into a fence and a gas station in shambles, as you’ll be able to see in the follow up video that was posted:

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