Tracy Chapman And Luke Combs Deliver Spectacular Duet Of “Fast Car” At Grammy Awards

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I know it’s early, but this is easily the performance of the night for me.

Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs took the Grammy Awards stage tonight together to perform “Fast Car,” a song originally written by Chapman, but that both of them have found a ton of success with.

Luke included it on his 2023 Gettin’ Old record, and it organically became a massive hit and juggernaut at country radio, flying up the country charts at an insane pace, so much so that his label actually sent it to Top 40 pop and Hot Adult Contemporary radio, as well.

Released in 1988, it was the lead single from Chapman’s 1988 self-titled debut studio album. At the 31st annual Grammy Awards in 1989, she won the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “Fast Car,” best contemporary folk album for Tracy Chapman and best new artist.

The song was nominated in the Best Country Solo Performance category this year, but Chris Stapleton ultimately took home that trophy for “White Horse.”

Chapman has only performed in front of cameras three times since her last tour in 2009, so it was a special moment to see them take the stage together and they absolutely nailed it… I seriously don’t think anyone else will be able to top what Luke and Tracy did tonight.

She sounded exactly the same as she did on the original recording from 1988, and the admiration the two artists have for each other was apparent as Chapman looked genuinely happy to be there and kept smiling at Luke throughout the entire thing (and vice versa).

Honestly, it was precious, and while maybe an unlikely duo in some aspects, they’re spectacular together. And like Willie Nelson says, “If a song was ever good, it’s still good,” and this is an all-time great one that works in any decade, genre and always will.

Do yourself a favor and check out their performance… you’ll be very glad you did. I can’t get enough:

Luke’s studio cover:

And of course, the timeless original:

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