Luke Combs Joins Gabby Barrett On New Daddy-Daughter Song “Dance Like No One’s Watching”

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Gabby Barrett/Jeremy Cowart

Gabby Barrett is out with a new album today, and she’s enlisted some heavy hitters on this one.

Chapter and Verse is finally released after years of teasing the songs that would be featured on the album.

“3 years in the making and Chapter & Verse is officially out now. This album tells the story of my current chapter of life as a Christian, a mother, a wife, a songwriter and an artist, along with all the little verses that happen in between.”

In March 2023, Barrett teased a powerful track that sent fans into a frenzy, and it’s now fully here.

Not only was the complete song finally revealed, but also the secret is out that Luke Combs got involved on it. Combs lent his penmanship to Barrett as a co-writer on the song and provided his stellar vocals on backup.

“Dance Like No One’s Watching” is intertwined with soft steel guitar riffs, and Barrett sings tender vocals about sweet moments between a father and daughter. The father tells his little girl to hold her head high and to “Dance Like No One’s Watching.”

“I grew up being a daddy’s girl, and now I get to watch my husband and daughter have that father-daughter bond…that’s just irreplaceable.”

Barrett’s powerful vocals take the lead, and listeners hear Combs’ distinct twangs during the chorus as he supports her, giving the song dimension that makes the lyrical story come to life.

Nothing chokes you up like a song about growing up and cherishing moments with your parents, and this one will do just that. With Barrett and Combs both being parents, they know best how to eloquently capture in words how sweet and cherishable those moments are.

This is well worth the listen this New Music Friday.

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