Chiefs WR Rashee Rice Can’t Believe His Eyes When He’s Shown The Infamous Video Of 13-Year-Old Andy Reid

Andy Reid

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice reacted just like the rest of us when he saw the infamous video of a 13-year-old Andy Reid participating in a Punt-Pass-Kick competition.

How did he react? By shaking his head and thinking that there’s absolutely no way that the giant teenager in this video from 1971 is the 2-time Super Bowl winning head coach (and current Kansas City HC) Andy Reid.

If you’ve seen the video, you absolutely know why Rice was hesitant to believe what he was seeing. If you somehow haven’t seen the vintage footage, buckle up, because it’s one of the most mind-blowing things you’ll ever see.

Andy Reid was apparently one of those kids who had a very early growth spurt. That’s visually evident, considering that Reid is a good two-feet taller than any other kid competing in this Punt-Pass-Kick competition.

And the icing on top is that every child that was testing out their football skills in the contest was dressed in a Rams uniform, and the in-game entertainment staff was clearly not expecting to need adult sizes for the fully-grown-man-child Andy Reid.

When rookie wide receiver Rashee Rice saw the video, he had this to say as he fought through laughter:

“His helmet’s too small. It looks like he’s got, like, a hat on. Nah, he’s tripping. Nah, there’s no way that’s him. No way…so if I ask him about it, he’s gonna (say it’s him)? I don’t know what y’all built, but that’s crazy. That ain’t Coach Reid.”

Two things stick out to me when watching the 50 year old footage of Andy Reid dominating this Punt-Pass-Kick competition:

-First, I know the contest was probably organized by age range, but you can’t let that big of a 13-year-old take on the rest of the normal sized kids. It’s just not fair

-Second, I LOVE that Reid’s name was misspelled. Whoever was working graphics that night was likely so mesmerized by Reid’s size that he got the “i” and “e” mixed up

It’s honestly one of the more mind-boggling videos in the history of football, and in case you wanted to watch the clip without Rice’s reaction included in it, I’ve included the full, uninterrupted clip below:

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