Blacked Out Arizona State Fan Carried Out Of “No Alcohol Section” By Four Cops

drunk fan ASU

When you look up “Best Party Schools in America,” Arizona State University ranks among the best (partying) colleges in the country.

You’re only looking that up if you are a) a high schooler looking to have a good time for the next four to six years (probably six) of your life or b) a nervous parent creating a “no-go” list of colleges for your high school aged kid.

If you are reading this and you belong to that second group that I mentioned, this video below should be the exclamation point on your argument to not let your child go to Arizona State University. The middling Arizona State men’s basketball team (Go Sun Devils!) was in action against the not-so-great-either Stanford Cardinal team, and one ASU fan that attended had a forgettable fan experience.

And by “forgettable,” I mean the guy is likely not going to have any recollection of attending the basketball game. In fact, the only thing he’ll remember is being a part of this embarrassing video below, where four different cops carried the unruly, blacked-out fan out of the building (each holding an arm/leg).

This is a visual representation of what the kids call “down bad” nowadays:

The “no alcohol section” is just the icing on the cake…

I’ll never really understand the people who buy expensive concert or sporting event tickets and then get so drunk that they either don’t make it through the event, or don’t remember any of it at all. Partaking in alcohol consumption while attending a game or concert is great, and I’d say even welcomed, if done with moderation. There’s a thin line between enhancing the experiencing and ruining the experience, and you just have to know yourself well enough to dance on that line.

If you don’t, you’ll end up like this guy in the video above, who social media had no problem laughing at in the replies below the post:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock