Dog Taking A Nap On Front Porch Somehow Miraculously Survives Leopard Attack

leopard attacks dog

I suppose this leopard has never heard the phrase “never wake a sleeping dog?”

The “good boy” in this clip was just trying to take a little front porch nap and quickly found itself fighting for survival. Security camera footage from this home in India captured the entirety of the scary incident, and showed that the heroics of the pet owner likely saved the dog’s life.

It only took a few seconds for the peaceful afternoon to turn violent, with the leopard sneaking up behind the dog and grabbing the hound by the neck.

And as quickly as the leopard burst onto the scene, it was hastily attempting to drag the dog away from the house and into the wooded area it came from.

Things were looking bleak for the dog, up until the pet owner came sprinting around the porch loudly clapping their hands together and yelling at the big cat to leave their dog alone. Being loud seemed to work, or at least caused enough of a distraction to allow for the dog to slip away and sprint to safety.

The Instagram post’s caption explained in more detail about what likely led to the close call, stating:

“The adaptability of leopards allows them to survive in areas that have been modified by humans, but this can lead to conflicts, especially in regions where natural prey is scarce and leopards turn to livestock or pets for food.

This security footage is an example of such a conflict. You’ll be happy to know that the dog escaped with no injuries. The man was never seen again, but the dog made it out okay.”

If you read that like I did, you really got hung up on the “man was never seen again” part. I’m guessing (and really hoping) that the caption just means that the man wasn’t seen again for the rest of the video.

That would seem more fitting than saying “this pet owner went after the leopard and he was never heard from after that.” I’m sure the guy intimidated the wild cat enough to where it wasn’t going to come back, and eventually reunited with his dog (and probably took it to the vet).

At least that’s what I hope happened after the conclusion of this security footage:

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