People Are Convinced This Man Is A Time Traveler After Hearing His Nashville Karaoke Performance Of “Sherry” By The Four Seasons

Nashville karaoke
Tasha James

What year is it again?

We may be living in 2024, but people on the internet are convinced that this guy just stepped straight out of the 1960s after hearing his karaoke version of “Sherry” by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.

I’m sure you’ve heard the doo-wop classic before, which features Valli’s iconic falsettos and was originally titled “Jackie Baby” in honor of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

It was a #1 hit way back in 1962, and has gone on to be featured in numerous movies and TV shows while also being selected for the preservation in the United States National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress back in 2023.

And this guy absolutely crushed it.

The man’s name is Michael Moore, and the video was actually recorded 4 years ago at a karaoke bar in Nashville. But it’s recently resurfaced on TikTok, and is blowing up because of his incredible vocals that sound eerily similar to Frankie Valli.

It’s like this guy is a time traveler.

Imagine being the person who has to try to follow that one…

This is normally where I would post the original version of the song for you to check out, but honestly I’m not sure if I even need to because this guy sounded so much like the 1962 classic.

But anyway, if you want to compare, here’s the version by The Four Seasons.

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