Nashville News Anchors Can’t Stop Laughing Over A Man Who Got His Pants Stolen By An Escort

WSMV Lauren Lowrey

Talk about adding insult to injury…

A man in Nashville was violently attacked after responding to an ad on a website called “Escort Alligator,” a site for…well, you guessed it, picking up escorts.

Who can you trust these days if you can’t even trust somebody you meet on a site called “Escort Alligator?”

Well when the man showed up to meet his escort alligator, three men got out of a car and roughed him up, holding him at gunpoint while they attacked him.

The men took his phone, keys, car, wallet…and even his pants.

And while reporting on the crime, two Nashville news anchors simply could not get over the fact that the man’s pants were stolen.

During a report on WSMV, reporter Lauren Lowery was fighting for her life trying to keep her composure as she reported on the stolen pants. And then when she threw it to her co-anchor Marius Payton, he too started cracking up while trying to report on a Krispy Kreme store that burned down.

“You and me are going to get in trouble. We say this all the time, we laugh too much in commercial breaks you guys.”

By the time Lowery got around to a story about the potholes in Tennessee, she was in tears before finally regaining her composure.

Let this be a lesson to anybody thinking about trying to hire a hooker from a website like “Escort Alligator.” Not only could you end up losing your phone, car and pants, but you’ll also be laughed at on the news when they report it.

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(Oh, and police were finally able to track down the suspects and arrest them. No word on if the pants were recovered though).

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