Music Executive Kidnapped While Leaving Nashville SoHo House

SoHo House Nashville
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Well that’s terrifying…

A Nashville music executive was kidnapped and robbed this week while leaving SoHo House, the upscale member’s club and hotel located near the city’s Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood.

According to Newschannel 5, the unnamed 40-year old woman was leaving SoHo House around 8pm when two men armed with guns came up behind her as she talked to a friend on her Airpods.

The men walked her to her car, where they demanded her cell phone and forced her to drive to nearby banks to attempt to withdraw money.

The woman explained that she only had credit cards and wasn’t able to get any money for them, but the men still forced her to drive to three separate banks before making her call a friend to have them bring her money.

They then forced the woman to drive back to SoHo House, where one of the men got into a dark-colored sedan and followed the other two as they drove to meet her friend with the money.

Luckily, the friend was able to alert the police, who were waiting where the victim was supposed to drive to meet her friend. And when the kidnappers saw the cops, they bailed while the woman drove towards police for safety.

The suspects managed to get away with the victim’s wallet and cell phone, and Nashville police are still working to identify and locate the kidnappers.

The victim is reportedly fine (although understandably shaken up), but it’s reported that her family has received threatening text messages since the kidnapping.

Scary stuff. Keep your head on a swivel out there.

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