Chris Young Reveals Bruises On Back After Being Shoved By Law Enforcement Officer: “Way Too Close To My Spine”

Chris young country music
Chris Young

Last week, we learned that country music singer Chris Young had been arrested at a Nashville bar, after he had reportedly gotten into an altercation with the Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

According to the initial reports, Young and his friends began to follow the ABC officers and record them when the entered Nashville’s popular Tin Roof for a compliance check. They then followed the officers to the nearby Dawg House, and that’s when things took a turn a turn for the worse.

The officers say that Young “struck” one of the officers, and it took two other officers to detain Young. He was then charged with disorderly conduct, assaulting an officer, and resisting arrest.

Security footage has since been released, and needless to say, it tells a MUCH different story.

In the video, you can see Young stick his arm out towards one of the officers, not even touching him, to try and get his attention, and that’s when the officer shoves the country singer to the ground, showing the officer as the aggressor. Chris smacked his back into a chair along the bar, and fell to the ground.

After the video was released, charges against Young were immediately dropped.

And yeah, should Chris have kept his mouth shut and let the agents do their job? Yeah, of course… but perhaps there should be some repercussions for the agent who took some very creative liberties with the report? Don’t get me wrong, I’m as pro law enforcement as you can get, but the agent straight up lied in his account of the details.

Young is finally speaking out about the incident, as he posted a TikTok showing an alternate angle of the altercation, proving he never even touched the officer.

“For all the trolls saying ‘don’t touch a cop’… I didn’t touch him.”

@chrisyoungmusicStop coming at me

♬ Young Love & Saturday Nights – Chris Young

He also posted a picture to Instagram of the injuries left to his back and arm after the incident. You can see a clear and obvious bruise to his back, right next to his spine. It looks like things could’ve ended much worse for Young had the injury been to his spine.


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