Charles Wesley Godwin Flawlessly Highlights ‘Family Ties’ Tracks With Campfire Session

Charles Wesley Godwin country music

Is anyone else utterly obsessed with everything that Charles Wesley Godwin does… or is it just me? Regardless of your level of fandom, I believe the country music collective can agree that CWG is absolutely on fire right now.

From Family Ties taking the industry by storm and leading the pack for Whiskey Riff’s Top 40 Albums of the Year to his appearance on Joe Rogan, which led to significant press, CWG is on a roll that does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

While his storytelling through his songs captures the hearts of many of his fans, his vocal talent is another considerable reason CWG is having the spotlight shined on him. I’ve always been a big believer that acoustic sets are the tell-all on an artist, and Godwin recently knocked one out of the park. During his sit-in for his CMT Campfire session, Godwin laid down beautiful stripped-back versions of some of his biggest hits. With a cover of Kings of Leon’s “Comeback Story” being teased for the session, viewers knew they would be in for a treat. But hearing the session in full confirms those suspicions.

Joined by Al Torrence and Read “Two-Show” Connolly, CWG lays down the best Campfire Session I have seen.

He opens the four-set acoustic session with “All Again.” This song is one of my favorites from Family Ties. He sings about how much his family means to him, and as time passes, he falls in love more and more with his wife and family each day. The chorus notes that he’d do it all over again if it meant he got to have the life he had now.

Leading into the next song, he sings “Miner Imperfections, ” a ballad dedicated to his father, a West Virginia miner. At this point in the session, my jaw dropped because he sounded (somehow) better than he did on the record. Without any studio production added, Godwin proves that his voice is damn good.

He wraps the session with “That Time Again” and “Willing And Able.”

“Willing And Able” has been viral on social media, with users sharing the tender love lyrics over images of their significant others. Putting this track in the session was a genius move by Godwin to give the song even more love and to highlight the beautifully written lyrics in a stripped-down light.

CMT knew what they were doing teasing this session for so long before dropping the whole video…it’s pure gold.

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