Woman Brings Entire Internet To Tears Preserving Late Family Dog’s Spot During Staircase Remodel

Dog on staircase
Shari B


We already know that we don’t deserve dogs, but the world does not deserve people who remember their dogs the way this woman does. The already viral video on TikTok will bring you to tears as a woman narrates how the staircase in their home has a huge patch of stain missing due to their family dog.

“These old stairs need to be refinished so badly, but you see, there was this…”

The woman behind the camera says as she shows a giant portion of the stain missing from one of the stairs. The culture of the missing stain is from an adorable big white dog, who claimed the step as his own.

She tells viewers that a year ago, the sweet dog put his head in her lap on that very step as he took his final breaths on earth. Crying from that yet? Because I know I am, but just wait, you will get more weepy.

As she revisits the original statement that the stairs needed to be refinished, she notes that it just didn’t feel right painting or re-staining a portion of their house that was so meaningful to their beloved dog.

“I did paint the stairs. I do love them. But I just could not bear the of covering up that step, So now, it’s forever his.”

The woman then shows the preserved step with the original missing wood stain from the dog.

@shariblivinI refinsihed my stairs… i oainted the steps black. But there was one step i could NOT paint over. One year ago today, my dog Max, passed away. He out his bead on my lap and went to forever sleep. He loved hos step. He even slept on it. Haha so i made it a forever tribute to him. The bestest dog, ever.

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After watching this, I thought I was in a puddle, but it turns out that the internet as a whole was unwell from this video.

“You better bring that step with you if you ever move.”

“There is not a day on this app I’m not crying over somebody’s dog.”

“I. Am. Sobbing. Uncontrollably.”

“Who gave you the right to make us cry like that.”

“Gawdddd woman! Got this stranger BAWLING.”

“Gosh damn it, now I gotta go hug my dog.”

“How lucky he was to have known your love.”

“We’re all crying.”

“This takes the cake on the saddest but beautiful renovation video.”

“I get on this app to laugh and yet I’m always crying.”

I felt that last comment a little too much. How lucky this dog was to have felt a love like this from his people.

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