The Number Of 2024 Barn Wedding First Dances To Morgan Wallen’s “Spin You Around (1/24)” Is Going To Be Astronomical

Morgan Wallen
Matt Paskert

If you’re going to a barn wedding this upcoming year, get ready for it now.

Before anyone gets mad, I’m not talking down on barn weddings in the slightest. Heck, I had one just a few months ago and it completely rocked; barns are the perfect reception venue.

But after listening to the new version of “Spin You Around” that Morgan Wallen released today, it’s obviously to me what’s in store for 2024 and I’m going on the record…

“Spin You Around (1/24)” will be used as the first dance song in about 2,974,720 weddings in the next 11 months.

Of course, he only released this version due so some shenanigans from former colleagues. Without his permission, a Florida investor who signed him to a recording and artist management deal back in 2014 put out a 10-year anniversary deluxe version of his 2015 Stand Alone EP, and while Wallen tried his hardest to stop it, he was unsuccessful and that project is now listed as part of his catalogue on all streaming services.

Truthfully, I really like this new version. It proves yet again that Wallen has it in him to release actual country music when he feels like it (See The Dangerous Sessions and One Record At A Time Sessions) and the song works very well acoustic.

That being said, when the same brides that pack Broadway for their bachelorette party (aka my wife) hear this song, there’s going to be a whole bunch of dudes roped into awkwardly swaying for 3 minutes and 29 seconds while Morgan Wallen croons in the background.

It’s not a bad first dance song, I just think DJs are going to get pretty used to this being requested by the time June rolls around, and when peak season hits in the fall, they probably just assume it’s “Spin You Around” unless explicitly told otherwise.

So when you dust that suit off, put on your nice pair of cowboy boots, start pounding Manhattans from the open bar, and hear this song start playing as the bride and groom make their way to the dance floor to “share a special moment”, remember this post and know that I told you so.

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