Luke Combs Is Back In The Studio

Luke Combs country music
Luke Combs

What’s ol’ Luke cooking up?

It’s no secret that everything Luke Combs touches turns to gold. It seems like with every new song and album the man releases, the North Carolina native’s audience keeps growing, and it’s easy to see why he’s arguably the top name in all of mainstream country music.

Last year, Combs gave us one of his best albums to date with Gettin’ Old, which saw wild success with his impressive country-fied cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.”

And shortly before that in 2022, he released another impressive album Growin’ Up. The two albums displayed Combs’ growth as both an artist and a man, as he really put a focus on the important aspects of life such as life lessons that have molded him into the man he is today, and being a family man.

Needless to say, the two projects had me dying to see what Combs has in store next, and although we aren’t sure what that next chapter is, he gave us an awesome teaser today, and I’m talking about an Instagram post showing him in the studio.

The post features a handful of pictures of Luke hanging out in the studio, with the caption:

“Good to be back in the studio today…”

The “…” is keeping us all on the edge of our seats, Luke. I guess we’ll have to keep an eye out for anymore updates.

The man did release a cover of The Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road” alongside the Texas country supergroup The Wilder Blue. Do we have a full blown cover album in the works? Is it strictly original stuff? That bluegrass project he was working on?  More dad songs?

I guess we’ll have to find out…

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