Ohio Man Calls 911 After He Got “Too High,” Police Find Him In Fetal Position Surrounded By Doritos

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Ohio 911 call

This is something Florida Man would have handled with ease. But Ohio man… that’s another story.

We’ve all overindulged once or twice in life. Whether you’ve had one too many shots or taken an edible with one too many milligrams, there is nothing worse than the head-spinning feeling of knowing you’ve pushed the limit too far.

“Everyone likes to party, but an Ohio man when a little too far. And when he did, he called 911.”

A news reporter says as she introduces the story of this poor soul getting high out of his mind. The man calls the emergency line, telling the operator that he was simply “too high.”

The 22-year-old, named Andrew, sounds panicked as he talks to dispatch, saying that he couldn’t feel anything and that although he was in a safe location, no one else around him knew that he was high.

There is no worse feeling than being around folks and just feeling like they know you are high, which probably did not help this man’s case and his panicked state. (Of course, that’s what the kids say, and I am in no way speaking from personal experience…)

Dispatch was so sweet to the caller, sending the police to check on him as he just had to ride out the rest of his high.

“How nice was that operator? So kind. You know, when police arrived, the guy was curled up in the fetal position. He was surrounded by Doritos, Goldfish, and cookies…that may have contributed…just sayin’. No arrests were made.”

Is there anything more comforting than a pile of Doritos? I think this man, unfortunately, learned his tolerance level real quick.

Maybe he wouldn’t have been so freaked out had he been cozied up in a Whiskey Riff Shop 4/20 hoodie…I’m just saying.

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