“I Don’t Care About Anything He Says” – Lions QB Jared Goff Refuses To Entertain Reporter’s Question About Skip Bayless

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While the rest of us waste our time watching sports talkshows to hear what they say about our favorite teams, the players that are actually on our favorite teams couldn’t care less what the talking heads have to say.

That was made apparent by Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff’s latest comments when he was asked about something that TV host Skip Bayless said about his team.

Bayless, who now stars on Fox Sports’ Undisputed, has slowly become less and less relevant, and usually depends on his scorching hot takes to keep himself in the news cycle. After this past weekend’s slate of NFL playoff games, the sports personality sent this message out on social media:

“Congrats, Lions. You have won the right to get blown out at San Francisco. But hey, great year.”

The Detroit Lions took down the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the divisional round, and like Bayless alluded to, they will now head out to California to match up against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship.

Skip Bayless isn’t giving Dan Campbell and the Lions a chance as they travel to take on one of the NFL’s most formidable teams, so some Detroit sports radio hosts decided to ask Jared Goff about it when they had him on their show.

The clip below starts out with one of the hosts asking the Lions QB:

“Hey, does bulletin board material matter to you guys at all?”

Goff takes a moment to think about how to answer, and then asks for some clarification:

“Umm, depends on what it is. What do you have?”

That’s when the radio host started to inform Goff of Bayless’ latest hot take, and was just about to read the post verbatim before he was cut off:

“Skip Bayless, after your game, tweeted out the following…”

Jared Goff wasn’t having anything to do with the question as soon as he heard Bayless’ name was involved, and quickly fired back with:

“No, I don’t care about anything he says. You can stop now. Anything those guys say on daytime TV, you can skip over that.”

At this point, does anyone really care what Skip Bayless has to say?

Goff and the Detroit Lions certainly don’t, as you’ll be able to hear in the audio snippet below (which really got the Detroit radio hosts fired up):

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