Dolly Parton Says She Wore The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Outfit For Her Husband

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The internet might have calmed the chatter from Dolly Parton’s Thanksgiving halftime show, but let’s be honest- the image of Parton in the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader costume is far from escaping our memory.

After the initial shock of seeing 78-year-old Dolly Parton in booty shorts and a tied-up top, the internet was absolutely feral.

While Dolly Paron had American in a choke hold after stepping out on stage during the halftime show, she also had her husband in a trance. Right after the launch of her Duncan Hines cake collaboration, Dolly Parton caught up with People Magazineand they revisited the viral moment.

“It turned out pretty cool, and my husband liked it. He said, ‘Those shorts were a little too short.’ I said, ‘Jealous?’”

She recalled the interaction with a giggle.

“And I said, ‘They weren’t as short as the other girls!’ He was just being funny. I think he thought — because everybody’s making a to-do over it — he thought, well, maybe you shouldn’t be showing your butt at that age. But anyway, he got a kick out of it, too.”

Parton has more confidence at 78 than most women in their 20s to step out on a massive stage in that outfit; with her high heels on and a nude body suit studded in rhinestones underneath the costume to give it some more modesty, she still bore it all for those in the stadium and tuning in on TV. And she rocked it.

“I try not to get into anything I don’t think I can pull off, just like that little Dallas Cowgirl outfit. I really thought, well, I’m just going to do this for fun, because I mean, I’ve never been to one of their halftime shows, and they’re so famous, the girls.

All the guys love them, my husband included, and I kind of did it for him. I thought, well, if I can pull this off, it’ll be cute, and if not, then they’ll just think if some older woman did a stupid thing!

I just thought it was cool, and it evidently was because it turned out to be a big sensation. And so, I may have a poster made, a pinup, and donate all the money to the Red Kettle.”

It was a big sensation, to say the least. Dolly Parton in her Dallas Cowboys cheerleader uniform. turned into a cultural phenomenon. Of course, too, Dolly’s big heart found a way to make a charitable contribution with the internet swooning over her.

If Dolly proved one thing during this performance, it’s that she still has it. And if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

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