Jonathan Peyton Previews Upcoming Album With New Song, “Goin’ Crazy”

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Jonathan Peyton’s forthcoming record Nothing Here’s the Same can’t get here soon enough.

Once it does, though, he’s bound to reach new heights in his career, and with an already rapidly growing fan base, you’re going to want to hop on the train here soon before there’s no space left. With the release date set for March 1st, we still have well over a month left before the full project is out, but luckily for us, he just released another brand new single titled “Goin’ Crazy.”

A tune in which the narrator traverses through a mixed-up world looking to rekindle a former flame, or perhaps more vaguely searching for direction and meaning in life in all the wrong places, “Goin’ Crazy’ is loaded with clever wordplay and descriptive lyricism. As the narrator is asked multiple times by other characters where he is going, alluding to his direction in the afterlife, the simple yet complex refrain sung by Peyton is simultaneously much more short-sighted and light-hearted, alluding to the fact that he doesn’t know where he’s going aside from going crazy.

Peyton’s latest single is yet another showcase of his top-tier songwriting ability, and backed by a full band, his sound really seems to be coming together leading up to the album’s release. Building upon his prior releases, the majority of which are largely acoustic, Peyton puts on display a bigger and better sound while still maintaining the vitality of his word and vocals in the process.

An incredible preview of what is to come from Peyton, check out his latest single “Goin’ Crazy” here:

“I went to your old house and no one was home
Just the ghost of your old dog, he was digging up a bone
Well he waved and he looked as I passed on by
He said ‘son where you goin’, you know that she been gone for some time’

I told him I’m goin’ crazy, but I’m goin’ somewhere
Maybe my baby, oh she’ll meet me there”

Known for his honest, raw sound, the Woodstock, GA native was operating under relative obscurity as an artist, albeit as a ticking time bomb waiting for someone to recognize his talent, releasing these songs largely for his own edification. That was, until superstar Zach Bryan, who started out in a similar manner, began showcasing Peyton’s music and bringing him out to open for shows at Red Rocks and beyond. With the extra exposure acting as a catalyst, Peyton’s heartfelt music is finally beginning to receive some of the recognition it deserves, and doing so alongside his extremely talented wife Abigail Peyton who provides breathtaking harmonies on many of his songs, it’s safe to say the Peytons have something special going on.

Peyton’s debut record Waters Below dropped in 2016, but ever since, he has released music sporadically in the form of singles and EPs, and with more momentum and hype surrounding this whole thing than ever before, Peyton is on the verge of taking a very welcomed next step in his career.

Nothing Here’s the Same could be just the thing to tip over the dominos and set everything in motion. Produced by legendary Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit guitarist and burgeoning producer Sadler Vaden (Drayton Farley, Morgan Wade), and recorded at Creative Workshop and Pentavarit Studios in Nashville, TN, Peyton sure has the right people in his corner, and with 12-tracks written solely and passionately by himself, the only thing that’s missing is fans hearing the album.

Checkout some of the other singles that have been released thus far, if you haven’t already, and keep an eye out for Nothing Here’s the Same on March 1.



“Since You’ve Been Gone”

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