Calf That Wandered Out Onto Frozen Pond Gets Lassoed To Safety By A Cowboy

Man ropes frozen calf

It never hurts to have a friendly, neighborhood cowboy nearby that can occasionally swoop in to save the day.

In Arkansas, a man named Max Bishop is known for his certified cowboy skillset, and those skills certainly came in handy when a farmer in Paragould, Arkansas was in need of some lassoing help.

The farmer called in Bishop, who is known as the “go-to-cowboy” in the area, when one of his calfs had wandered out onto a frozen pond. With the young cow in a world of trouble, there was only one man that could rescue it from its treacherous situation.

Time was of the essence as the calf slipped around on the layer of ice on top of the pond. It was clearly in distress, and walking out on the ice to retrieve it must have been deemed too risky.

It was either that, or Max Bishop just wanted to show off his lassoing skills. And that he did, because it didn’t take long at all for the “Arkansas Cowboy” to get the rope wrapped around the calf. He made the lasso throw look easy, and made sure the rope was going to wrap around on the small calf before he started pulling it to safety.

When Bishop described the rescue mission to Humankind, he didn’t take a ton of credit and downplayed his lassoing act:

“We found the best angle for a 70-foot throw and managed to get it roped and pulled safely across the ice.”

Short, sweet, and to the point, just like how a good, old fashioned cowboy would handle things. The calf didn’t fight the rope once it was wrapped around its back right leg, and allowed for Bishop to slowly pull it to safety. It was only when the calf got closer to the pond’s bank that it tried to stand up again on the slick ice.

Once Bishop had pulled it far enough over, he got the cow’s hoofed untied, and the mission was a success. Credit to the calf for staying calm during the scary situation, and shoutout to Max Bishop for “moo-ving” quickly to save the young cow that was in trouble (sorry, I had to).

You can view the incredible cow roping video below:

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