Charles Wesley Godwin & Joe Rogan Discuss Crisis At Southern Border: “You Gotta F*cking Have A Secure Border”

Joe Rogan and Charles Wesley Godwin
Charles Wesley Godwin

Regardless of which side of the political aisle you’re on, I think both parties agree that there’s a full-blown crisis at the southern border right now.

Not only are illegal immigrants flooding across the border from Mexico, but so are massive quantities of illegal drugs like fentanyl and people seeking to traffick it in the United States. And generally, we have no effective way to track who these people are or even where they are inside our country.

It’s a problem that’s been going on for decades now, but the scope of the problem has become a hot topic in political circles lately, with both sides having their own proposed solutions while not much gets done about it.

The border crisis is sure to be one of the biggest issues in the upcoming presidential election. And during a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Charles Wesley Godwin and Joe Rogan discussed the national crisis.

As Rogan mentioned:

“We’ve got this f*cking thing that’s happening right across our border where there’s immense organizations that have insane amounts of money because they’ve been selling drugs that are illegal in America.”

And Charles summed it up:

“They’re like warlords. Some of those property owners, I don’t know how they’re dealing with that.”

He then recounted a story told to him by a fan at a show that demonstrates just how the crisis hits home for so many near the border:

“Two years ago I played a show down in San Antonio and there was a rancher there at the show and we were talking afterwards…

One of his best friends, who’s also a rancher, a bunch of feds rolled up to their house one day and put him and his family on house arrest. For two days, without any explanation as to why.

And then two days go by and they say, ‘Ok, it’s all good, we’re so sorry for the inconvenience.’

And the guy’s like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. There has to be an explanation here.’

The guy’s like, ‘I’m not supposed to tell you this but there are 9 insurgents that had crossed the border and we just so happened to get them here on your property.’

I bet the feds were probably watching them and then when they decided to actually take them it must have been on this guy’s ranch. So you got your kids are out maybe doing a chore on your ranch, on your farm, you got thousands of acres or something, and who knows what you could be running into.”


Rogan then pointed out the spike in illegal immigrants since 2021 – and put it into perspective:

“There’s more illegals have made it into this country over the last year, I believe, than are people who live in five different states legally.”

Charles points out that his home state of West Virginia only has 1.8 million people (on a good year). The Customs and Border Patrol reported 2.4 million encounters at the southern border in fiscal year 2023.

When Charles wonders aloud what the solution is, Rogan is quick to respond:

“You gotta f*cking have a secure border if you want to fix it. It doesn’t seem like they want to fix it.”

And he also took a shot at Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her proposed solutions:

“AOC was on TV the other day doing an interview and she was calling them “undocumented people” and the way to do it was to give them a path to citizenship.

Well how about you know who the f*ck they are?

Because if you’re a person from another country, say you’re in Europe and you want to come to America, to become an American citizen, you’re an architect or whatever, there’s like a long lengthy process and they only take a certain amount of people every year. And you have to prove that you have a skill. That there’s a reason why you should be here. Legally.

But if you want to do it illegally, they’ll give you money, they’ll give you a cell phone.”

Rogan also mentioned an interview he heard with an illegal immigrant who claimed that he had crossed the border 4 times, and each time was given a $2,000 check by the US government:

“They’re just opening the border. And they’re essentially buying votes. 

They’re letting these people come in and they’re assuming these people are going to vote for the Democrats.”

The two wrap up the discussion by pointing out that COVID brought about a lot of changes in what people are willing (and aren’t willing) to do to survive:

“I don’t blame them at all. If you’re just a regular person who was unfortunate enough to be born in a terrible environment, and you realize if I can get to America, I can feed my family…and we could live in a good way, instead of being trapped in this hellhole in which we were unfortunately born in, I get it.”

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