Nick Saban Once Reportedly Got Chased By Police & Had Them Called Off With A Single Phone Call

Nick Saban
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Looks like there were some perks to being the best college football coach in the country.

Was legendary Alabama coach Nick Saban retiring on your 2024 Bingo card? If it was, it wasn’t on a lot of other people’s, which is why his retirement announcement was so surprising.

The 72-year-old head coach decided to call it quits, but not before he won seven national championships and cemented himself as one of the best coaches of all time. Saban cited his age as a big factor in his retirement decision, saying that he didn’t feel as though he could contribute 100% to the position anymore.

College football will certainly miss Nick Saban, and based on how this wild story went, it’s probably safe to say that Saban will miss at least some parts of his job. One of those “parts” was apparently being very close to the state’s police.

On a recent episode of The Bama Standard Network, a former running back for the Alabama Crimson Tide by the name of Bo Scarbrough told a hilarious story about Nick Saban evading the police.

Bo, staffers Cedric Burns and Jeff Allen, and coach Nick Saban were heading back to Tuscaloosa from a golf tournament, and Cedric was in the driver’s seat of Saban’s Mercedes. As Scarbrough describes, they wanted to test out what the car could do:

“We had hit about 50 speed limit, so we hit it. You know me, I’m from the hood. So we speed and I like that type of stuff. So Jeff’s like, ‘Ced, slow down.’

Coach Saban’s on the phone at the time and Ced didn’t say nothing. So I look at Jeff and Jeff looks at me and he said, ‘Ced, slow down.’ Next thing you know, we zoomed past the police. I’m talking about like we’re going 90.”

Yikes…speeding past police at 90 miles per hour? That usually doesn’t end well for whoever is in the speeding vehicle.

Red and blue lights lit up the sky and started to follow the vehicle, but not for long. The Alabama staffers, coaches, and Bo decided that they weren’t going to stop:

“Police get behind us, (Burns) calls somebody and then hung up the phone and they still was behind us. Jeff was like, ‘Ced, you ain’t gonna stop?’

Coach Saban turned around and said, ‘Jeff, we’re not stopping.’ We just kept going. Police just backed up off us and just said, ‘Stop driving reckless.’

When coach Saban said that, I just slumped down in my seat. ‘Just drive. Get out of there. I don’t care how fast you get out, just get out of there!’”

Imagine being such a good football coach that you can literally live life above the law. Saban had someone make a phone call, and the police were immediately off their trail.

There will certainly be some nice moments in retirement for Nick Saban, though I’m sure he didn’t mind the many benefits he had as the Alabama head coach…like having the power to call off the police.

You can hear the unbelievable story told in the video below:

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