Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan Helped Pull Someone Out Of A Car Wreck In Florida

Hulk Hogan
Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan is known for his heroics inside the ring, but as it turns out, he can also be a hero outside of the WWE as well.

Hogan now calls Florida home, and he and a man he was with named Jake Rask sprang into action this past weekend when they witnessed a violent crash that ended with a teenager’s car flipped upside down on the highway.

Without hesitation, the former wrestler and his friend (who is a former Marine) rushed to aid the person stuck inside the vehicle. Hogan and Rask made sure the driver of the vehicle was okay, and then was able to remove her from the vehicle.

Though the pictures of the wreck look horrific, the young woman inside the car was able to walk away virtually unharmed, and there’s no doubt that Hogan and Rask’s quick thinking and response helped the driver.

Hogan’s wife Sky Daily posted about the crash on her Facebook page, saying:

“Last night, after we left dinner in Tampa, we saw a car flip in front of us! I truly admire my husband Hulk Hogan and our good buddy Jake Rask for springing into action, puncturing the girls airbag, and getting her quickly out of the car. By all appearances, she was unscathed, just really rattled, which is an absolute miracle!”

So instead of the wrestler’s classic catchphrase of “What’s you gonna do brother, when Hulkamania runs wild on you?” Hogan chose to say “What can I do to help brother, what can Hulkamania do for you?”

Thankfully, the woman who crashed was okay, and because of that fact, social media has had some fun with the premise of Hulk Hogan saving someone from a vehicular crash:

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