Raucous Raccoon Fight Caught On Trail Camera In Colorado

raccoon fight

Who knew that raccoons could pack such a punch?

When you think of animals fighting, you’d probably think of a hundred other wild creatures before you think of a raccoon. Though they look cute, are born with little “bandit masks,” and are often referred to as “trash pandas,” they can battle with the best of them if they have to.

In the video below, a couple of small raccoon get into a fight over what looks like a water bowl sitting in a garden. This set up looks to be a one-stop-shop for a number of raccoons, with the small creatures being able to snack on what’s growing in the garden and wash it down with some H20 out of the community bowl.

However, when a couple of them showed up at the same time, let’s just say that garden “wasn’t big enough for the two of them.” Glowing eyes are seen approaching the bowl as the other raccoon drinks away before it finally notices that another raccoon is coming up to challenge it.

It doesn’t take much time for the fight to begin, and the horrible raccoon screams and sounds to begin. A running start from the one that had just walked up on the garden put the other raccoon on its heels, and the raucous raccoon rumble was ON.

Take a look at the wild trail camera footage below, which is captioned:

“When good raccoons go bad. This isn’t a usual occurrence in the garden, typically they all get along just fine but every once in a while this happens.”

What a battle!

Everyone that viewed that raccoon showdown on X (formerly Twitter) was very impressed with the little bandits battling over the watering hole, sending replies out below the post saying:


Also, the noises and natural viciousness of the raccoons obviously made me think of a famous movie scene. I’m hoping you were thinking the same thing as me…the Buddy the Elf “does someone need a hug” scene?

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock