“I Can Keep An Ice Cream Cone In My Pocket” – Nashville Weather Reporter Finds Silver Lining Reporting On Winter Storm Heather

snow ice cream cone
Newschannel 5

Much of the contiguous United States is either dealing with below freezing temperatures or snow, and in a lot of places, both at the same time.

Winter Storm Heather (yes, that’s the actual name of it) has caused quite a number of issues across the country. The slow moving storm has been an absolute snow machine and has managed to transform a lot of southern cities that aren’t used to snow into winter wonderlands.

One of those affected cities is Nashville, Tennessee, which some people call the “Bachelorette Party Capital of the World.” Nashville basically got a year’s worth of snow in a matter of days, with the total amount coming in at over 6 inches in some parts of the Music City.

Here how it looked from Nashville’s world famous Broadway:

Those party buses really don’t stop for anything, do they?

Travel has been made near impossible in Nashville, and those who are getting out are making sure they aren’t in any rush. That was clear as News Channel 5’s own Nick Beres was out in the field covering the status of snow-covered roadways in Middle Tennessee.

As cars drove by where he was set up for his remote news story, he made sure to convey to the viewers how traffic looked, and the perks of it being so cold and snowy:

“You can see these drivers just taking it slow and having no real problems with it. Part of the issue when the reporters are out in the field like this non-stop, trying to bring this important news to all of our viewers is sustenance to make sure we have the energy to exist and continue delivering the news.

What’s neat about this, a lot of people complain about the cold, is that I can keep an ice cream cone in my pocket. (I can) pull it out at any moment and have breakfast. It didn’t melt, it’s been in my pocket all morning long.”

And as you’ll see when you watch this video, it doesn’t appear that the ice cream cone was wrapped up in its packaging. Was it just sitting loose in his pocket? That’s what it sounded like, and it’s certainly what it looked like.

Props to him for finding a silver lining during the frigid temperatures though.

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