Rich Eisen & The NFL GameDay Crew Posed For A Photo With Their Unanimous “Browns Victory” Prediction That Went Terribly Awry

NFL Gameday
NFL Gameday

One of the better graphic jinxes you’ll ever see. Rich Eisen volunteered his comrades at NFL Network to pose for a photo after they all stupidly picked the Cleveland Browns with an aging Joe Flacco to beat the planet’s new QB CJ Stroud and the Houston Texans.

I didn’t hear a single one of these people raise the point that I did in my recent article about Flacco throwing two pick-sixes and being break danced upon by Desmond King. The Browns entered Saturday’s Wild Card Round duel yielding an average of 29.6 points per game on the road. They were facing a legit ridiculous, god-tier rookie QB in CJ Stroud, who couldn’t have been less bothered by Myles Garrett and that Cleveland pass rush.

Stroud played like the wily vet. Meanwhile, yeah, big surprise: The man who made the critical errors was the man whose entire legacy depended upon the worst play on the ball in the air by a defensive back in NFL history and YOLO 50-50 balls to Anquan Boldin. There were two QBs on that field, and a sizable gap between them.

This novel element from the periodic table that Brevin Jordan was requesting after his amazing breakaway TD is a substance all those fine folks who offer their opinions on NFL GameDay could use.

Not enough oxygen getting to those noggins of theirs with such a lazy groupthink take on what would happen in this game. Tough look, Eisen and Co! All these people really thought that CJ Stroud would walk off that field a loser!? Try being serenaded with MVP chants.

The youngest quarterback ever to win an NFL playoff game? CJ Stroud. Unbelievable. Hard to remember a team in recent history that has taken such a massive leap forward inside of one year as the Houston Texans. It’s still surreal to see.

Is DeMeco Ryans really not gonna win Coach of the Year? Who else comes close to deserving it? I believe his top competition was his Browns counterpart, Kevin Stefanski. Ryans just shut his offense out in the second half. Actually, if my basic math skills are correct, the Texans’ defense outscored the Cleveland’s offense 14-0 after halftime. Wow!

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