Hibachi Chef Serenades Customers With Singalong Of “You Never Even Called Me By My Name”

hibachi chef

Dinner and a show.

Of course the best part of going to a hibachi restaurant is the show that the chef puts on. No matter how many times you’ve seen them make the little volcano out of the onion, or heard the “egg roll” joke as they spin an egg on the grill, you’re still going to sit there and laugh the entire time your chef is cooking your dinner.

And when he starts flinging shrimp at your face to try to catch it in your mouth, it’s like an Olympic sport. All eyes on you. The pressure is intense.

Yeah, hibachi is all about the experience. I mean don’t get me wrong, the food’s great too, but nobody’s paying that much just for the food. You need the entertainment to make it worth it.

And this hibachi chef goes above and beyond.

Chef Dancuk goes by “Ricky Bobby Chef,” and he actually performs his magic in my hometown of Beckley, West Virginia at a restaurant called Fujiyama. And in a small town like Beckley, Fujiyama is one of the high-end restaurants in town. (This is where I took my date before high school prom, because the other options were pretty much Outback Steakhouse or The Char, which was too fancy for a high school kid).

And the Ricky Bobby Chef really goes above and beyond to make sure his customers are entertained – in the most West Virginia way possible.

Video posted by Dancuk shows him serenading his guests with the classic David Allan Coe hit “You Never Even Called Me By My Name,” strumming along on a ukulele and encouraging his customers to join him for the chorus of the popular song.

@rickybobbychef #davidallencoe #304 #rickybobbychef #chefdancuk #fypシ #westvirginia ♬ original sound – Chef Dancuk

But that’s not the only song in his repertoire.

You can’t really be a West Virginian without having “Country Roads” in your bag of tricks.

@rickybobbychef #countryroads #304gang #westvirginia ♬ original sound – Chef Dancuk

And he even plays some Elvis.

@rickybobbychef #chefdancuk #rickybobbychef #gombalanmaut ♬ original sound – Chef Dancuk

Or if you prefer, he’ll write you a custom song.

@melindafryetoney #rickybobbychef ♬ original sound – Melinda Frye Toney

Gotta love it.

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