This “We’re Pro Golfers” Sketch Video By Brooks Koepka’s LIV Golf Team, Smash GC, Will Make You Cringe Out Loud

Brooks Koepka
Smash GC

There’s that cliché… if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything. I suppose that was fashionable or amiable in childhood. Not so much in the current incarnation of the Internet. I’m sorry to Smash GC in advance… only not really.

That LIV Golf money will allow you to blow your nose into countless faces of Benjamin Franklin if you shed any tears over the probable-universal criticism you’ll take from this “We’re Pro Golfers” video. Appears to be an attempt at comedy. Doesn’t land.

Yo LIV Golf, you have literally endless amounts of oil money and are totally changing the game of professional golf. Why don’t you hire the best joke writers money can buy, lure a morally ambiguous Hollywood director, and put your players in the best positions to succeed at every turn? Is that too much to ask? We’re trying to go the relatable grassroots route with a corny as f*ck social media post that is so half-baked and half-heartedly committed to? Not a good look for anyone involved, let me tell you. This did not work.

Graeme McDowell used to be this cool Guinness-loving U.S. Open champion who also mentored Rory McIlroy in the Ryder Cup. He’s sort of disappeared for a while, only to resurface and align himself with LIV, no questions asked. Jason Kokrak has negative charisma if that’s even possible. Stick to golf, my man. And Brooks? LOL. I know he’s kind of indifferent and/or annoyed about fulfilling any golf-related obligations that don’t involve major championships as is. You’ll be hard pressed to find any footage of Brooks where it’s more self-evident that he couldn’t care less about something.

If that’s how Smash GC plans to organically grow its brand, I mean… woof. Although it might be kind of genius marketing in a way. I guess if something is this bad, it’ll get people talking. Or maybe that’ll create a short-term spike in LIV Golf/team golf interest before the vast majority of folks revert back to watching real competitive golf on the PGA Tour.

I know, I know. Some sort of merger between LIV and the PGA Tour is coming any day now. Nobody has any clue what it’ll look like. There should be several iterations in the next decade or so. All of us golf fans who aren’t blindly all-in on LIV are just hoping for the best for the future of the game.

Social media campaigns like this one ain’t helping the cause, or my faith that LIV can carry any sort of tune (read: isn’t 100% tone deaf).

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