Mother Of The Year Makes Frightened Children Pose For Photo With An Alligator In Everglades National Park

Alligator selfie

And the “Mother of the Year Award” goes to…. anyone but this woman.

Imagine putting your children in harm’s way for a photo op that can be posted on Instagram and Facebook. I know some people really think getting those likes are important, but you know what’s more important? YOUR CHILDREN’S LEGS.

Everglades National Park in Florida is home to many different types of wildlife, and most famously (and most predictably) alligators. Based on this video, the wetland area also attracts another form of wildlife, which are normally called “Tourons.”

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more blatant disregard for safety than what goes down in this footage. This mother saw an alligator laying just off the side of the walking path within the park, and thought what any “touron” (tourist moron) would think:

“Wow! Look at that dangerous creature. Let’s get as close as we can to it and take a picture.”

It should be common sense to not get near an alligator, especially one that is showing its teeth. An alligator’s jaw snapping down is one of the most powerful forces in all of nature, and as you’ll see in this clip, it was ready to do so as the children posed for a picture with their backs to the dangerous reptile.

And with land speed of over 30 mph (for short distances), those children are sitting ducks. Should the gator decided to attack, it would be game over and there wouldn’t be a damn thing mom could do about it. Reckless, stupid, there isn’t enough words to describe how infuriating this is.

Luckily, for everybody here, these poor kids were spared.

Holy smokes. That’s stupidity on a whole other level. I simply cannot believe that someone thought that would be a good idea (yet it somehow doesn’t surprise me). But hey, at least they’re wearing helmets…

I don’t even have kids, but I’d like to think I’d be keeping my children as far away as possible from that gator. This mother was instead like “get a little bit closer, Brenda will love this when she sees it on Facebook.”

Those in the comment section of the post were showing no mercy as they called out the woman endangering her kids for a picture with the gator:

“No way would I ever willingly go that close to an alligator (or crocodile in our case). Mouth open is usually a defensive pose.”

“He smiled for so long waiting for them to take the damn picture already.”

“All for the ‘gram.’ She needs to read her children’s body language, very very inconsiderate for her children’s safety.”

“Your smart phone camera has a zoom feature. Use it.”

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