Driver Narrowly Avoids All-White Buck That Runs Out In Front Of Car

white deer

Most folks will go their whole lives without ever seeing an all white deer. Much less, a MASSIVE all white buck.

But for this lucky (and nearly unlucky) driver, they had one run directly in front of their car, and they have it all on video.

In the video, you can see the all white, aka leucistic buck run across the road, and briefly get caught up in a barbed wire fence before running off into the woods.

Often confused with albinos, it’s more common that an animal has leucism. What’s the difference? Albinism is a complete lack of melanin, which will result in white skin, hair, feathers etc… and white or red eyes, where as leucism involves a partial loss of pigmentation. Leucistic animals usually have white fur or skin, but eyes and nose and feet can be more regular colors such as black.

Unfortunately, the life expectancy on these creatures are short, as their white color easily exposes them to predators.

Here at Whiskey Riff, we’ve seen a handful of pictures and videos surface of all white deer, but this is by far the biggest all white buck we’ve seen.

I just hope this person went straight to the nearest gas station and bought them a lottery ticket, because this is a once in a lifetime experience.

Check it out:

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