Two Pot-Bellied Pigs Defend Their Pen From Invading Black Bear

Pigpen bear

This black bear mistakenly thought pork was on the menu for dinner.

Don’t you hate that when you go out to eat with something in mind, and your dinner plans don’t end up working out? If that’s ever happened to you, you’ve got something in common with this black bear.

The bruin in this video was hoping for a little ham and bacon, and it instead got “pork-chopped” (quite possibly the best animal pun I’ve ever worked into a story). This unlikely face off happened New Milford, Connecticut, and as you’ll see in the footage below, the bear’s “fast food” plans quickly turned into “escape plans.”

Security camera footage captured the black bear wandering up to the pen, licking its lips at the sight of the potbelly pig standing inside. The bruin discovered that hopping the fence would be no issue, so it decided that it was going to try and take down the pig for dinner.

As soon as the bear’s paws hit the ground inside the pig pen, it was game on. The bruin was hoping for an easy takedown, and it instead turned into a WWE style wrestling match.

Without hesitation, the pig that was standing out in the open lowered its head and rammed right into the black bear, pushing it back against the fence. You’ve got to imagine the bear was thinking “what have I gotten myself into” as it got all it could handle from the feisty, ferocious pig.

In true wrestling match form, the pig that first started out the “match” took a break after it cornered the bear, and allowed for another fighter to enter into the ring.

That’s when a darker colored pig came running out of the covered shelter like it was shot out of a cannon, pushing the black bear back, and eventually intimidating it enough for the bear to say “I’ve had enough” and jump back out of the pig pen.

When you usually hear someone say “this pork has some kick to it,” your usually talking about some sort of sauce or seasoning that’s on it. These two pot-bellied pigs (who are allegedly named Mary and Hammy) certainly had some spice to them, and that was without them being cooked up and on the table (all natural, if you will)

You can view the unbelievable footage of the “pork chopping pigs” below:

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