“They Ran Right Over Me” – Bison Herd Stampedes Right Over The Top Of Car On Snowy Alaskan Road

Bison charges in snow
Kurt Schmidt

Bison… what a majestic beast. Big, strong, powerful… for the most part, they leave you alone. But stuck between two cars on an icy Alaskan road, they’ll escape by any means necessary… even through you. Sounds kind of horrifying, doesn’t it?

In Delta Junction, Alaska, right next to the Canadian border, snow and ice have kept wildlife on mains roads and trails, causing a number of run-ins with people. As you can see from video footage, a separate driver steps out of his car to record a number of bison surrounding another vehicle in the middle of the road.

It appears the bison lose interest and start walking away, towards the camera.

However, they stop for a minute, and spooked by the lights, they turn back around and charge right back at the other car. But instead of going around the vehicle as most bison do, they went right over the top.

The poetic videographer described the chilling scene:

“Bison are beasts of the chill night, seemingly ancient spirits transcending from a prehistoric time… stampede across the canvas of civilized society.

Deep crusty snow forces the bison to remain on the icy roadways and put Alaskan motorists at serious risk. A cautious stationary car gets demolished when the buffalo herd turns rogue and tramples all in its path.

The eerie sounds of their breath and ‘calls’ gives a mysterious ambience to the crisp night air as these beasts, under the cover of darkness traverse the country side in search of food and often times crush everything in their path.”

Well said…

The two drivers have an exchange towards the end of the video:

“How do you like my car?” 

“Yeah, what happened? I heard that…”

“The buffalo took out my car…”

“Where did they hit you? They ran right up your hood?”

“They ran right over me.” 


Yup… holy sh*t is pretty much all you can say.

Nature man… it’s wild.

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