Kid Bawls His Eyes Out As Dad Gets Carried Off In Cuffs After Storming The Field In National Championship Game

Michigan football fan arrested

Last night, the Michigan Wolverines took down the Washington Huskies in dominant fashion at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, winning 34-13 for their first National Championship since the 1997-1998 season.

Although Washington kept it close in the second and third quarters, the Wolverines ultimately pulled away in the fourth.

As a Clemson fan myself who has had the opportunity to witness two National Championships in my lifetime, the feeling as a fan is indescribable.

You watch your team go through several rough stretches, and think your team will never reach the mountaintop again, until they finally put it all together in one magical season.

I’m sure just about every Michigan fan can vouch for this feeling.

However, I can’t excuse what this Michigan fan did after the clock hit all zeros last night.

Video is going viral of a Michigan fan and his son in trouble with security after they decided to storm the field after the victory.

In the video, you can see the dad about to get carried away in cuffs as his son bawls his eyes out.

I mean what was this dad thinking? It’s the National Championship, and security isn’t gonna let a single soul out onto that field who was in the stands.

Not to mention, the dad just ruined his son’s magical night after watching his Wolverines win their first National Championship in his lifetime.

I’d like to think this dad was immediately regretting this decision.

Check it out:

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