Brave House Cat Fights Off Coyote On Texas Back Porch

Coyote vs cat
Tony Gray

This house cat wasn’t messing around.

As a huge dog fan myself, I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of house cats. Just about every house cat I’ve come across has typically been unfriendly, and not to mention, they’re just strange pets to me in general.

However, this doesn’t mean I don’t respect the creatures, ESPECIALLY after watching this video.

This wild scene was captured on a security camera in Surfside, Texas, where you can see a coyote making its way onto a back porch of a home with one thing in mind… taking a house cat home for dinner. In the video, you can see the coyote lunging towards the cat, but the cat decided to use its athleticism for its advantage, and quickly eluded the coyote every time it lunged and bit towards it.

The cat makes its way underneath a folding chair, making it difficult for the coyote to get to it. Next thing you know, the cat scales the railing on the deck, as it appears the coyote was able to catch a piece of the creature before it quickly runs up the railing, ensuring its safety from the coyote.

Once the coyote realizes it has not shot anymore, it runs off, and it appears that the cat is officially in the clear.

Cat: 1, Coyote: 0

The heat of a lion in this kitty.

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