Bill Clinton’s Library Deleted A Post Asking People To Guess Who He Sent His First-Ever Email To After Being Flooded With Epstein Jokes

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton

They should have seen that one coming…

Former president Bill Clinton has been in the headlines quite a bit the past few days, as his name continues to pop up in documents related to Jeffrey Epstein that are being released.

During one transcript, a victim of the sexual predator (Epstein, not Clinton) says that Epstein told her that Clinton liked girls “young.” And his name appeared in the first batch of the files alone over 50 times.

So yeah, not a great look for Slick Willie.

You’d think that the Clinton world would want to lay low right now and not draw any more attention to themselves. But apparently the Clinton Presidential Center, which is Clinton’s museum and presidential library located in Little Rock in his home state of Arkansas, somehow didn’t get the memo.

The organization posted a picture of Clinton on Twitter (or X, whatever you wanna call it) earlier today, which showed the former president typing his first ever email back in 1998, and asked people to guess who the email was sent to:

And…well, it went exactly like you’d expect.

The organization quickly turned off replies (after asking people to respond with a guess), but Twitter users just took to quote tweeting the post to troll Clinton:

Of course, not everybody who replied made an Epstein joke.

Some decided to go with Monica Lewinsky instead.


Well after a few hours they finally deleted the original post altogether, but I’m surprised it took them that long. And that they didn’t see that coming in the first place…

Oh, and to answer the question, the email was (allegedly) to astronaut and Senator John Glenn, who was in space as a payload specialist on Space Shuttle Discovery, although there are disputes about whether that was really the first email he had ever sent as president.

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