Oliver Anthony Calls Out Politicians (Including Bill Clinton) Mentioned In Jeffrey Epstein Files

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“I wish politicians would look out for miners, and not just minors on an island somewhere.”

Oliver Anthony got everybody’s attention this past summer with his mega-viral hit “Rich Men North of Richmond,” which called out the elite politicians in DC for ignoring the working class.

The song obviously attracted a lot of controversy for the “fudge rounds” line, which some took as a shot at welfare recipients.

But after the release of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein, Anthony (whose real name is Christopher Anthony Lunsford) is highlighting a different line from his hit song that seems to have been proven right.

Several prominent politicians and political figures were mentioned in the Epstein files, including former President Bill Clinton, as well as Prince Andrew and Bill Richardson, former governor of New Mexico who also served as Secretary of Energy and Ambassador to the United Nations under Clinton.

Among the most damning sections, one of Epstein’s victims said she was asked by Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell to give a massage to both Prince Andrew and Richardson. (Throughout the documents, it’s commonly reported that “massage” was understood by Epstein’s victims to mean “erotic massage”).

And a victim also reported that Epstein told her that Bill Clinton liked girls “young,” though there’s no mention of him having sexual contact with any of the victims in the documents that have been released so far.

Well all of these allegations seem to back up Anthony’s line about politicians being more interested in minors on Epstein island than coal miners in their own country. And in a post on social media, Anthony posted excerpts from the Epstein docs set to his viral hit, while calling out politicians for being more interested in protecting pedophiles than veterans:

“Imagine if our government worked as hard to take care of veterans as they do pedophiles.”

Oliver Anthony from the top rope…but the more these disgusting revelations come out, the more his song is just proven right.

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