Charles Barkley Is Trying To Quit Drinking Diet Cokes In 2024 & His TNT Co-Hosts Aren’t Helping Him At All

Charles Barkley

New Year, New Charles Barkley.

If you asked me, I don’t want Charles Barkley to change at all. The former NBA star who now is better known as a sports analyst and TV host is one of the best in the business, and never fails to be both entertaining and informative.

But Chuck decided that as he heads into 2024, one of his New Year’s resolutions will be to cut out Diet Cokes from his diet. He let his co-hosts on Inside the NBA know that, and let’s just say Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson, and Kenny Smith weren’t all that supportive.

After Charles comically held up a bottle of water and said “you know, this stuff, it doesn’t even taste like anything,” his TNT counterparts started ripping him for calling water “this stuff.” Following that, Shaq walked around to where Barkley was seated, and got Diet Cokes out from under the table for the rest of the panel to drink.

O’Neal and Smith cracked open the sodas right next to Barkley, and Charles was somewhere in between laughter and rage as his “friends” mocked him by downing Diet Cokes right in front of him. Chuck smiled his way through it all, and towards the end of the clip, sums up his feelings by saying:

“Don’t you all feel my pain? Keep your enemies close to you America.”

Poor Charles Barkley…

And just a quick side note, have you ever noticed that people that drink Diet Coke are straight up addicted to the carbonated beverage? I like a Coke Zero or Pepsi Max as much as the next person, but you don’t see me having withdrawals if I don’t have one every two hours.

With “Diet Coke People,” they are buying the beverage by the pallet, and drinking the diet drink is as much a lifestyle as it is an inexplicable necessity. Someone should really look into the psychological grip that Diet Coke has on much of the population.

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A beer bottle on a dock