50 Anglers Rescued After Chunk Of Ice Broke Off At Lake Of The Woods In Minnesota

Lake of the Woods
Valley News Live

Growing up in South Carolina my whole life, it’s never really gotten cold enough down here for ponds to freeze over. So, it’s hard for me to imagine places where it gets so cold, that large bodies of water freeze over and you’re able to walk on top of it.

However, I can only imagine how terrifying this scenario would be.

According to Fox9, 50 anglers were rescued after a large chunk of ice broke off on Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota. The Lake of the Woods County Sheriff said that rescue efforts began around 3 PM on Monday after deputies said a pressure ridge in the ice cracked.

Needless to say, it was all hands on deck, as deputies, Minnesota DNR, and the Long Point Resort all worked together to save the anglers all while using boats and UTVs.

I mean SHEESH. I can’t imagine the fear that was going through these anglers’ minds, knowing that if they fall in there’s a good chance that they won’t be getting back out. Shoutout to all of the first responders who were able to safely remove this large group from a near tragic situation.

Lake of the Woods sits on the Minnesota-Canadian border and is a mega-popular ice fishing spot, and all-around world-class fishery. If you get the chance to get up there sometime, and you like to fish, you’ll have a blast. In the winter, if you wanna do some hard water fishing, they put whole damn bars out on the ice.

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