Denny Hamlin Got Engaged To Longtime Girlfriend Jordan Fish, And She Immediately Roasted Him On Instagram

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Denny Hamlin‘s new fianceé is an absolute savage.

The NASCAR Cup Series driver and co-owner of 23XI Racing alongside Michael Jordan proposed to his longtime, on again-off again girlfriend Jordan Fish over New Years.

The couple announced their engagement on Instagram, but Fish wasted no time just absolutely roasting her future husband in the caption:

“Rings: DH 0, Jordan 1”


The joke is, of course, that despite winning 51 races over his 18-year Cup Series career, Hamlin has yet to win his first championship, despite making the playoffs every year since 2014 and finishing in the top 5 in points 9 times. His career-high points finish is 2nd, leaving Hamlin as one of the greatest Cup Series drivers to have never won a championship – yet.

Hamlin is 43 years old, so his window of opportunity to win it all before he retires is closing – though he still appears to be at the top of his game on the track, winning 3 races in 2023 to become the winningest driver in Cup Series history without a championship before missing the final 4 and ultimately finishing the season 5th in the final standings.

Jordan Fish, meanwhile, is the mother to Hamlin’s two daughters, and the two have at times had a tumultuous relationship.

Back in 2021, Fish took to Twitter to air out the couple’s dirty laundry in a series of since-deleted messages aimed at Hamlin:

“I have been quiet for far too long. And I have endured things no one person should EVER have to endure, and today was no exception. Denny Hamlin I hope everyone will finally see you for the person you truly are.”

Myself and our children deserve better than what you have given. I cannot believe I ever thought that someone like you could change. Because you cannot. You have a long road ahead of you, and one I graciously no longer will be apart of. Have a great life Denny Hamlin.”

It seems that they were able to work things out – which you love to see for the sake of their children – and Hamlin finally popped the question over the holidays.

But now he’s going to have to try to win a ring himself to even the score.


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