North Carolina Waffle House Breaks Out Into Jamey Johnson “In Color” Sing-A-Long, & It’s A Glorious Sight

Waffle house sing-a-long

It ain’t a Waffle House, it’s a Waffle Home…

Waffle House is a wonderful little establishment that one must experience first-hand to really understand. On its face, it just looks like any ol’ sh*thole diner that serves up waffles and hashbrowns to highly intoxicated, and dare I say belligerent, crowds of people at two in the morning.

And well… it kinda is that… but it’s so much more.

Cozier than Denny’s, better food than IHOP, more character than Cracker Barrel and all of the above… Waffle House also has the TouchTunes jukebox, the Waffle House Hurricane scale, an annual awards show, a kitchen staff that is the definition of “f**k around and find out,” there’s just nowhere that can really compete.

This kind of energy:

But one thing Waffle House has become known for over the last few years is their late night, drunken sing-a-longs that somehow garner participation from the entire restaurant… and go mega-viral.

We’ve seen folks break into Luke Combs, Eric Church and even Hank Williams Jr. songs in the past couple years, and more recently, a little Jamey Johnson.

This particular location in King, North Carolina, which is apparently a post-rodeo hotspot, broke out into a sing-a-long of the fan favorite, “In Color,” a cut from Jamey’s 2008 The Lonesome Song record.

Written by Johnson along with Lee Thomas Miller and James Otto, “In Color” is Johnson’s signature song, and one of those all-time greats. I mean, if you had to play one country song to someone who has never heard the genre before, “In Color” is on that short list of songs. Just iconic.

And this group of cowboys were letting it rip:

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Here’s the full song from ol’ Jamey Johnson, himself:

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