Christmas Day Backyard Football With A Side Of CTE…

Football tackle

Backyard football games are a staple of the holiday season, but by my knowledge, most of them are played using the “flag football” or “two hand touch” rules.

This family apparently had some bad blood, because they decided to play full on tackle football in their snowy backyard. And to be clear, the snow was not enough to break the fall of the competitors participating. You want a couple of feet of snow to play a good game of snow football, and this precipitation would be categorized as a light dusting.

To be honest, it didn’t matter if there was five feet of snow on the ground, this was still going to be a nasty, unnecessary hit. In fact, the player of the two (both were dressed in jerseys and helmets) that was on defense would undoubtedly get hit with a targeting penalty if an NFL referee had been there officiating the backyard showdown.

The helmet to helmet contact is tough to watch as a viewer, though by the laughter heard in the clip, the “Christmas CTE” was just some good old fashioned fun for them.

I don’t think anyone knows exactly why this backyard football game/Oklahoma drill went so hard, but it did, and it appears that the “running back” was knocked out of the game (and possibly out of the family Christmas).

Check it out:

With all seriousness, that’s the hardest hit I’ve seen all year, and I’ve sat my ass down and consumed every single week of the NFL season. That hit would result in an immediate ejection, and a possible ambulance summoning, if it would have taken place in an NFL game.

The clip also gives big Wedding Crashers vibes, if you remember the iconic football scene from that movie where Bradley Cooper pile-drives Vince Vaughn into the lawn. At least the people in the above video were wearing helmets when they decided to do a full-speed football drill.

If you need a refresher of the Wedding Crashers scene, we’ve got you covered:

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