Four Blacktip Reef Sharks Ambush Helpless Stingray Right Off Shoreline

blacktip reef shark

I appreciate the video but man that person was just a few feet away from getting his toes eaten…

Stingrays are a strange ocean creature to say the least. They seemingly fly through the water, look like they’re smiling when viewed from the bottom, and have a barbed tail that injects victims with potentially deadly venom (RIP Steve Irwin).

But despite these characteristics, rays have always found themselves in the shadow of the much larger and more-feared shark. Well, a brave beach goer was able to capture footage of what happens when a stingray runs into not one, not two, not even three, but four blacktip reef sharks and, spoiler alert, it didn’t end well.

At first it seems the stingray is alone, minding its own business near the water’s edge, when out of nowhere the first shark attacks, grabbing a bite of one of the wings and causing some damage. The blood in the water draws in three other sharks and all four go crazy on the poor, helpless ray.

In the end, there’s nothing left but some blood, the entire carcass seemingly gobbled up. I get that this happened quickly but man the person with the camera didn’t even flinch or take a step back. If that was me, I’d have been getting out of the area in a hurry.

Regardless, as if we didn’t know this already, sharks are not to be messed with. Heck, you shouldn’t even get close enough that they see you, since this stingray didn’t bother them and still ended up a meal.

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