Twitter Sounds Off On Damar Hamlin Being The Favorite To Win the NFL Comeback Player Of The Year

Damar Hamlin
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We’re entering the final games of the 2023 NFL season, which means one of the biggest points of conversation in the NFL is awards.

Of course, a lot of this talk revolves around who will win MVP, as some are arguing Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill, and more.

However, there is another NFL award that has struck a bit of controversy, and it’s no other than the NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

The top five Vegas odds to win the award were recently released, and they’re as follows:

1. Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin

2. Cleveland Browns quarterback Joe Flacco

3. Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield

5. Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa

There’s certainly a big argument for Hamlin, considering the man literally died (twice) on the field after suffering cardiac arrest last season against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bills safety has since made a full recovery, and is an active member of the Bills’ roster. However, as cool as Hamlin’s story is, the guy doesn’t have any impressive stats to his name this season. He’s only appeared in a handful of games, has only made two tackles in a few defensive snaps, and has appeared on special teams.

Many are saying that Joe Flacco deserves the award, as he was activated for the Browns earlier this month to take over the starting quarterback duties after Deshaun Watson had a season ending injury. The Browns have gone 3-1 ever since Flacco took over, and to make it even more impressive, the man was basically completely out of football before the Browns called him up. Dude was basically sitting on his couch when he got the call.

So, as you can imagine, the Twitter mob has been going berserk over these odds:

Baker Mayfield has made quite the argument too:

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