Robert Griffin III Goes Off On Sean Payton: “Doing Russell Wilson Dirty Since The Moment He Became Head Coach”

Sean Payton
Denver Broncos OTAs

Broncos country, let’s quickly and chaotically drift apart.

It appears that the Russell Wilson era in Denver is over before it really got started. The talented quarterback signed a 5-year, $242 million dollar deal when he was traded to the Broncos from the Seattle Seahawks, and based on new reports, “Dangeruss” is only going to make it through two of those five years.

NFL Insider Dianna Russini revealed that league sources have told her the Broncos will move on from Wilson in March, and he’s been starting for the past two months knowing he would “no longer be riding” with the team after this season:

It was easy to see basically from the very beginning that the marriage between Sean Payton and Russell Wilson was heading for divorce. Having tension with your head coach and starting quarterback isn’t ideal, and though most have blamed Wilson for the below-average year, some analysts have been quick to blame Sean Payton.

One of those media members is a former quarterback Robert Griffin III, who was on Payton’s case from the get go, and didn’t let up today when the news came out that the Broncos would be moving on from Wilson. On his podcast RG3 and The Real Ones, the former Heisman winner went scorched Earth on Denver’s head coach:

“For Sean Payton to do everything that he’s done to Russell Wilson when he came in the door, he was trying to make it seem like he was not the problem.

When you play a quarterback like Russell Wilson, who has won a Super Bowl and is a Hall of Famer, when you treat him the way that Sean Payton has, it just feels to me like he doesn’t want him to be his quarterback…

You can say what you want about Russell, how he runs his family and how he has his own energy and ‘Broncos country, let’s ride.’ Whatever that may be, the Russell Wilson that I’ve grown to know over the past 11 years, that’s exactly who he is. He’s a genuine dude who loves football.”

RG3 went right at Payton, just like he went right at defensive players during his playing days (which are apparently still open since he tried to get the starting job for the Cleveland Browns).

He might have some valid points about Payton. It certainly seemed deemed for failure early on when Sean Payton was undercutting his QB and told the media that he should “stop kissing babies.”

And if you thought Robert Griffin III was done with his anti-Sean Payton rant, you’d be wrong. He added on to his own video with a quote repost (formerly a quote tweet) saying:

“Sean Payton has been doing Russell Wilson dirty since the moment he became the Head Coach of the Denver Broncos.

Hasn’t once shown him the respect he has earned as a Super Bowl Winning QB or with the respect you show to a QB your organization traded the farm for.”

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