Bald Eagle Shows Off Impressive Hunting Skills, Snags A Fish Right Through The Vegetation

Bald eagle snags fish
Mark Smith Photography

This bald eagle was NOT messing around.

We’ve seen countless videos of eagles showing off why they’re the most fierce predators in the sky. From swooping in and taking away house pets, to stalking fish from several from way up in the sky, and snatching them right out of ponds, they’re a serious force to be reckoned with in all of nature.

Bald eagles have vision estimated at 4 to 5 times better than humans, called 20/5 vision. They can spot fish, a primary food source, from miles away and are able to dive into the water and snatch them up with their razor sharp talons.

And if you’re thinking crystal clear water in pristine Alaskan water bodies, then you’d be right for the most part. But this video proves that they can even spot fish through the aquatic vegetation and pond scum to grab a meal.

In this wild slow motion video footage from the great Mark Smith, you can see a bald eagle swooping down from the sky, headed directly towards some body of water. Next thing you know, it opens up its talons and latches onto a fish it was stalking, and swiftly flies off with it.

And to further show of the eagle’s impressive hunting abilities, the creature was able to track the fish down in a very dense area of vegetation, making it even harder to locate. However, this was no issue for the bald eagle, and it was able to take home some dinner.

The video was captured by wildlife photographer Mike Smith, who wrote in the caption:

“This eagle doesn’t seem to want anything to do with the veggies. Instead, it snatches a fish right out of that bed of lettuce and hits the skies with a tasty plainfin midshipman wrapped tightly in its talons.

Just like a sushi roll. Glad I’m not a fish!”

Check it out:

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