TikToker Eviscerated Online For “Life Hack” Of Returning Christmas Tree After Using It For The Holiday Season

TikToker at target

Allow me to be a middle aged parent for a moment in order to say that “TikTok is evil and is destroying the fabric of society as we know it.”

At this point, does anyone remember life before TikTok? Probably not, since we’ve all more than likely let our brains waste away mindlessly scrolling on the addictive, video sharing app. And on that note, make sure to follow Whiskey Riff on TikTok!

You can watch our videos instead of this other clip that’s going viral on the time-wasting app, which shows a TikToker sharing her “life hack” during the holiday season. Life hacks are, of course, supposed to make things easier, but everyone online is giving her a hard time for her insensitive way of handling her season Christmas tree.

Set to Michael Buble’s version of “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas,” the influencer videos herself walking into a store and picking up a boxed artificial Christmas tree. As she walks away with it, a caption overlayed on the footage states:

“Lifehack: Picking up my free Christmas tree thanks to the 30 day return policy.”

@savingforboba getting into the Christmas spirit 🎅 #christmas #xmas #christmastree #lifehack ♬ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas – Michael Bublé

As you might imagine, the video was met with mixed reviews when it was posted online. While some thought that the TikTok was just a joke, others started filling the reply section with some real “this is why we can’t have nice things” vibes:

“Now you know why those who work retail have bad attitudes, because of pieces of sh*t like you!”

“And you’re one of the reasons why prices are so high.”

“Christmas trees aren’t even expensive… this is just sad.”

“If you actually do this, you are scum and have no class.”

“I miss the time when life hacks were smart tricks, and not pathetic attempts to try and defraud a store.”

I’m glad everyone is in the Christmas spirit. Thanks a lot TikTok!

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