Watch Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway Put A Bluegrass Twist On “Run Rudolph Run”

Molly Tuttle
YouTube/Club Ninja

Only a few days left to enjoy these Christmas classics.

The Chuck Berry classic “Run Rudolph Run” has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs. While it has been covered by many country music artists like Dwight Yoakam, Randall King, and Sara Evans, I think this version takes the cake for the country Christmas spin.

The quick guitar melodies of the song sound like they were made for bluegrass when you hear Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway play it. A few days ago, during a show at The Guild Theatre in Menlo Park, California, the group decided to play into their festive stage decor and lay down a killer bluegrass rendition of the song.

Her stand up bass player kicks off the song, and Molly Tuttle is often on the microphone for the group. Shelby Means, the bass player, has a VOICE though, immediately kicking off the song on a high note. You can tell that the group is having a blast on stage while spreading some holiday cheer.

After the second verse, Molly Tuttle breaks down the bridge of the song and lays down an insane guitar solo, highlighting her quick fingers and picking skills.

Instead of wrapping up the song the way Chuck Berry did, the group took some creative liberty, adding some of their own lyrics to the end of the song, giving it even more of a bluegrass flair.

“Santa called me up and said what are you longing for
I said all I want for Christmas is a fiddle made of gold.”

If you’re a fan of bluegrass and Christmas music, this is the perfect song to put on when your family is over and you need some peace and quiet. Let Molly Tuttle mesmerize the ears of your annoying family members.

Of course, without the original, we couldn’t enjoy these covers.


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