Alaska Woman Uses Her “Mom-Voice” To Stop Moose From Chasing Her Dog


When I was a kid, there was nothing that would make me stop being a menace and strike the fear of God in my eyes than when my mom would raise her voice.

Seriously, I was fully convinced as a kid that whenever my mom raised her voice, it would cause a small earthquake.

Needless to say, this is an effective way for moms to lay down the law with their kids. However, little did I know that the “mom voice” can work on MASSIVE creatures as well…

Just like this moose.

This wild scene went down in Anchorage, Alaska, when Catherine Diehl-Robbins, a nature photographer, noticed that their Yorkshire terrier named Pixel was being chased across the yard by a moose.

In an interview with WLBT 3, Diehl-Robbins recalled the moment she discovered Pixel was being chased by the moose:

“Then I hear her barking, like really serious barking.”

That’s when she realized her most effective way to get the moose to leave Pixel alone was by using her terrifying “mom voice:”

“The moose took off after Pixel, so that’s when I started yelling at the moose, ‘Hey, hey, hey!’…

That’s when I got the mom-voice, the husband-voice, the retired law-enforcement voice, full artillery lethal weapon here.

Next thing I know, the moose stops. The dog is gone, and like, ‘Oh, all is well.’ That worked and I used my mom-voice.”

Diehl-Robbins was surprised herself when she realized it worked:

“He did take a forward swipe at Pixel, but Pixel’s already moved off.

I was surprised the moose stopped, like, ‘Whoa.'”

In the video, you can see the moose come to a screeching halt, as if it was saying:

“Sorry ma’am. Won’t happen again.”

Maybe Diehl-Robbins needs to pursue a career in moose whispering.

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